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Cork and Clever The Full Monty
Cork and Clever

Cork and Clever The Full Monty

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Leonie and I have a common vision when it comes to wine. With its new unsprayed wine platform (link as soon as the website is live), wines are brought to the attention in one place that have something to add to your taste, your lifestyle and the soil!

With these 6 wine bottles you will be warm this December, despite the pure nakedness of these wines! Your taste buds will be surpassed with the contents of this Full Monty WineBox.   

The six wines in this box:

  • Cells Bellaserra Benplantat Blanc 2020
    This organic white wine made in the heart of Catalonia is a blend of Garnatxa Blanca and Muscat. Together with a few months of aging on the yeast, this gives a wonderfully fruity nose without being sweet. Aromas of stone fruit, pear and a hint of pineapple and a silky mouthfeel with an acidity that perfectly balances the whole. 

    Celler Bellaserra is the little daughter of Oller del Mas, one of the 10 most sustainable wineries in the world! And they take this philosophy with them to Bellaserra. Their goal: to make sustainable, unsprayed wines that are accessible to everyone.

  • Finca Mas Perdut Endogen Blanc 2020
    A Xarel.lo that stands head and shoulders above the rest! Fermented in stainless steel to further develop partly on acacia wood (70%), amphora (25%) and demi-john (5%). Made from old vines in beautiful wild vineyards. The ultimate example of how alive a vineyard can be. An intense golden yellow color in your glass, and a nose of honey, quince, thyme and citrus fruits. Once in the mouth a decent body for such a young wine with fresh acidity and a little bitterness, all accompanied by flavors of ripe stone fruit and citrus fruits. Delicious for a drink, but also with dinner!

    Not certified organic, but they go even further than that. An integrated way of farming, with various types of crops between the vineyards and the village is not called Santa Oliva for nothing: the olive trees are everywhere! All wines are wild fermented and minimally filtered and sulphite is added.

  • Celler Grau I Grau Gratvs 2014
    Delicious, typical Catalan wine. The way the locals like to drink it. A blend of Merlot and Ull de Llebre - tempranillo the Catalan way - makes this everyone's friend. A mature wine with some age, with 14 months in French oak. This means that the tannins are wonderfully soft and balanced with the aromas of forest fruits and ripe red fruit with a leather and vanilla edge. 

    Celler Grau i Grau is the prime example of a typical Catalan winery. A real family business, now with the fifth generation at the helm. Completely organic from the start and with a range accessible to everyone: from local table wines to high-end wines. 

  • Ficaria Vins Èlia 2019
    After being picked by hand, the grapes are fermented in stainless steel barrels and then aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. Mainly made from Garnatxa Negre with a little Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine makes everyone's friend. A good wine, but still elegant and fruity. A fine wine with aromas of forest fruits, cassis, plum, pepper and forest soil. This wine is rich and full, with a delicious aftertaste and fine tannins.

    On the edge of Priorat and Montsant is the village of La Figuera, where Jaume van Ficaria Vins makes his wine. A rugged region, which is also reflected in the wines. He makes them the way he likes them best, completely natural with the naturally present yeasts and with a pinch of sulphite when bottling. All names are relatives, so is Èlia's daughter, Matraketa is the nickname of Jaume Jr. and Pater, of course, Jaume's father. A small winery with great potential! 

  • Curull Imprint Vineyards 2019
    More natural wine in your glass is not possible! A field blend, with Sumoll, Mandó, Garsenc, Garrut and Bartrol in it. And besides working with all these unknown grape varieties, the wine is also fermented in the traditional way, namely in stone barrels. This wine is a blend of all the red grape varieties available at Vinyas, which gives a nice balance in the wine. Red fruit, dark fruit, earthy. Accessible yet surprising. 

    The Vinyas family goes further than just making natural wine. Their aim is to restore and preserve nature, to bring back nearly lost varieties and to work according to age-old customs. For example, there are some wines that are fermented in 'Cup de Pedra', stone vats, covered but in the vineyard and nothing is added or filtered. Pure nature!

  • Esteve I Gibert L'Oblit 2017
    sumoll?! Yes, that is a grape variety and it is not for nothing that this wine is called L'Oblit, or 'the forgotten'. This grape variety was almost gone due to all the plantings of international varieties. This wine goes after cold maceration and fermentation in stainless steel barrels in chestnut barrels, which ensures a special profile and good development. The perfect expression of Sumoll, where the red and blue berries dominate with an earthy undertone that transports you to Catalonia. 

    Esteve I Gibert sold all his grapes to the Cava houses up to 15 years ago, but has since grown into one of the better natural wine producers in Catalonia. Most of the vines are over 60 years old and the new plantings are mainly of local grape varieties such as Sumoll and Malvasia de Sitges. Small production, high quality! 

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